A Very Conservative Christmas Message (From Canada)

A special Christmas message from your very Conservative Member of Parliament. Category: ComedyUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

Tundra Road

Many many Christmases ago Mark Leiren-Young heard Bruce Springsteen singing, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and thought… The Boss should have his own Christmas carol… Art Norris agreed and we sat down to record, “Tundra Road.” The video adaptation is courtesy of the amazing Erik Libonao. Category: Comedy Uploaded by: MarkLeirenYoung Hosted: youtube Tweet

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Everyone: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday


As we move into 2011, I’d like to encourage you to continue to grow and learn, to let go of your assumptions about yourself and others, to embrace diversity and learning about new cultures and ways of experiencing the world, to be liberated from judgements that hold you back from loving others, and to experience the calling of your heart and soul -