A Very Conservative Christmas Message (From Canada)

A special Christmas message from your very Conservative Member of Parliament. Category: ComedyUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

David Suzuki Saves Toronto

Mark Leiren-Young meets Canadian eco-icon David Suzuki in a clip from the world’s first eco-comedy — Greenpieces. Greenpieces won an EarthVision Award in 2000 from KPBS in San Diego and features Leiren-Young and Kevin Crofton (aka Local Anxiety). It was directed by Eli Gorn and produced by Gorn and Leiren-Young for VTV. It also aired […]

Sports: A Spiritual Experience? #canucks #believe #bringithome


Why it’s ok to be both a) spiritually minded and peace-loving and b) love sports (especially hockey) ***Well…. This will be a first for me in a while, but in going along with the new membership policies I’m also going to be posting a personal blog post twice a month about something I’m passionate about.**~Rayne […]

Team Spirit – Some Favourite Moments #canucks #believe #bringithome


Here are some of my favourite examples of team spirit activities and fun hockey moments from the past few fun and entertaining weeks of surfing the Zeitgeist in Vancouver:       MARK LEIREN-YOUNG and LOCAL ANXIETY: Our Favourite Satrical Duo have been busy this Hockey Season.  Between Mark Leiren-Young’s wonderful articles for the Tyee about all […]

Cool Canucks, Hot Fans!

Canuck Fan Girls- in their natural element. Make today kiss a Canuck Day. Enjoy a few moments of cute Canadian girls dancing, and pics of cute Canucks Fans in Vancouver during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Go CANUCKS! Vancouver has the cutest fan girls!! xo Category: SportsUploaded by: talkingrayneHosted: youtube Tweet

Hockey Nut in Canada

Local Anxiety’s classic hockey anthem updated with a bit of 2011 Canucks magic. Hockey Nut in Canada was played at Canucks home games throughout the ’94 Stanley Cup run. Written by Art Norris and Mark Leiren-Young and fine tuned by Kevin Crofton. Video editing by Colin Roy. Category: SportsUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

Hockey Night In Nashville

Hockey Night in Nashville — a classic tune by Vancouver’s own Local Anxiety (aka Kevin Crofton & Mark Leiren-Young) that is featured on the CD Hockey’s Greatest Hits and also available on iTunes… Visit us at www.leiren-young.com Video created by Tav Rayne Category: ComedyUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

Charlie Sheen for Prime Minister?

Because doesn’t everyone realize that Stephen Harper is a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars? Brought to you by the ReformaTory Party of Canada. Category: News & PoliticsUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

The Real Michael Ignatieff?

This ad was approved by the ReformaTory Party of Canada and the committee to avoid talking about anything resembling actual issues… Category: News & PoliticsUploaded by: MarkLeirenYoungHosted: youtube Tweet

Local Anxiety Presents: A New Canadian National Anthem

Local Anxiety Presents a politically correct National Anthem. Video thanks to Local Anxiety: www.localanxiety.com and Tau Rayne: www.talkingrayne.com Find Local Anxiety on Facebook! Category: News & PoliticsUploaded by: talkingrayneHosted: youtube Tweet