Share our Values?

We, who are determined and passionate about creating change, support and recognize catalysts in their communities working towards these values according to their beliefs and ecosystems.

We Recognize the Following as Basic Human Rights

Individual freedom of expression and free-will to choose a path in life.
A supportive network, family, or village in which to raise children, grow up, or grow old.
Access to affordable and agenda-free education and health care, including higher education and learning systems.
Healthy physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual environment.
Prosperity to support basic living needs, desires, and dreams without prejudice.

The RFTP Mandate strives to:

CREATE a peaceful planet through supportive networks and communities.
PROMOTE and maintain development of sustainable technology and practices.
CONNECT Catalysts with RFTP and with communities around the world.
AIDE for local and sustainable community businesses and economic development.
DEVELOP and support existing structures that protect individual freedom of speech and belief and the ability to choose a specific path in life.
PROVIDE and model healthy physical/emotional/social/psychological/spiritual environments and explore models of community and personal development which support all of these.
ACHIEVE a peaceful coexistence between all religions and beliefs.
ATTAIN world peace, end to hunger, and solutions to our current environmental, economic, and political crisis.