Congratulations on putting your valuable time and energy towards creating a more positive world and tackling the serious issues facing us today. Just by visiting this page, you’ve taken a small action towards a better world.
Whoever you are and whatever you believe in, if you have a cause, or you’d like to support the work of others who are already making a difference we value you as a unique person and want to hear from you!

Thank you very much for your interest in working with Rain for the Planet Media Foundation. It is always very exciting to know that so many wonderful people are willing to help us make a difference in our community.   Rain for the Planet is a non-profit foundation registered in British Columbia, Canada that supports people with a conscience who are shaping the world we live in today, but offering solutions to some of our most pressing concerns. You can read our Guiding Principles to more clearly understand what kinds of issues our members are dealing with.

We believe that people are the solutions to the problems in the world today, and offer a dynamic range of exciting opportunities for passionate people who want to make a difference.  We only represent individuals that are making a difference, rather than causes, so we have a diverse range of wonderful people from many different backgrounds who volunteer.  Read our Code of Conduct.

Volunteer positions range from asking five minutes of your day online, to fulfilling positions in video and editing, web-development and human resources. Our volunteers have created a music video that was covered by CBC and the Vancouver Sun. Our volunteers have acted in a music video. Our volunteers have created a political campaign series attacking negative campaigning. Our volunteers wrote a social media brief for  Greenpeace International for their Facebook Coal Campaign.
As a valued member of the organization, we offer numerous bonuses and incentives for our volunteers, including your own private email and online accounts through Google apps, blog and website, and full credit for your work wherever applicable. Moreover, you will have access to social media classes, team-building/self-development training, and the chance to meet amazing people who are changing the world.  Read a full list of Member Benefits, which are available to you as a volunteer of the foundation.

The first step of our intake process is to fill out a Membership Application.
To help us get to know you better, you can fill out our Online Questionnaire. All of your answers are confidential and are designed to help us get a clearer sense about who you are and your working style.  The answers are a guide for us and there is no wrong answer.

The online questionnaire is a way for us to direct you towards a department that would benefit most from your skills and attributes. We will take approximately 3-5 business days to evaluate your responses, and will then contact you in order to schedule an interview.

Thanks again for your interest in Rain for the Planet Media Foundation, and we are looking forward to having you on our team!
Anna Ou
Volunteer Coordinator, Rain for the Planet
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