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If you are a volunteer or applying to study through one of our Catalyst Programs, fill out the learning form below and our Volunteer Coordinator or the Educational Coordinator will respond as quickly as possible.  You have the option to work on the following projects as part of your learning agreement:

1. TJ Dawe and “Totem Figures”

Labelled “The Fringe God” and “Lord of the Fringe”, TJ Dawe is an award winning director, writer, producer and performer. His current projects include “Lucky 9″ and the podcast “Totem Figures”. Past projects include directing “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” and performing the one-man show “Slip-Knot”, among others. TJ Dawe has also performed at countless comedy festivals including Just for Laughs in Montreal. Find out more about him at tjdawe.ca

2. Mark Leiren-Young and Local Anxiety

“A more polite, eco-friendly version of Hunter S. Thompson”, this award winning author, director, filmmaker, journalist, and comedian’s past and ongoing projects include “Never Shoot a Stampede Queen”, “GreenPieces”, “Canadians for Climate Change” and most recently, performing “Hockey Nut in Canada” on Urban Rush. Find out more about Mark at leiren-young.com

3. Tav Rayne and the Open Source Healing Project

The founder of Rain for the Planet Media Foundation and introduced as one of Vancouver’s top psychics on CFOX Morning Radio, Rayne’s current projects include “The Open Source Healing Project” and developing the RFTP Media Foundation. Find out more about Rayne on talkingrayne.com and tavrayne.com

4. Rain for the Planet Media Foundation – Catalysts for Change

Rain for the Planet Media Foundation is a nonprofit, strategic media organization developing a network of exceptional catalysts. Current projects include “Vancouver I Love You”, “Ask Santa for World Peace”, and “Greenest City Hosting”. Some past projects include work for Greenpeace International, a music video for Local Anxiety that was covered by The Vancouver Sun, CBC and other major media, social media training for Jon Cooksey’s “How to Boil A Frog” team. Find out more or sign up at rainfortheplanet.org.


5. No Project

I’d like to pay to take the course and support Rain for the Planet financially. If you are not a volunteer but would like to sign up for one of our certificate programs, please go here for more info.

Note: While class time is free for volunteers, and we will make every effort to have materials and coursebooks available in e-book format and online, printed and hard copies of materials do have a cost. Signing up for this form will sign you up for our Learning Centre and Course Mailling List. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

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