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If you are interested in Membership, there are multiple ways to participate in the foundation’s projects and to support our work. If you are currently interested in participating and helping with social media campaigns, you can sign up for membership even if you live in a different part of the world.

CATALYST: If you are interested in promoting your causes and work via blogging, social media and currently have an active fan base of support you can apply to be a Catalyst.

LEARN: Whether or not you have a cause or are just starting on the path to making a difference, you can take a class from our social media or film teams, participate in film projects and help support and promote the many different people and projects of the foundation.

VOLUNTEER: If you are in the process of trying to figure out who/what you want to support to help create a more positive future for all of us and to find solutions to the problems facing us today you can volunteer, and help make a huge difference for one of our Catalysts. Volunteers receive numerous benefits as a thank you for their time and energy, including access to a timebank where they can exchange volunteer hours for training in Social Media, Web and our developing Film program.

BLOGGING: We are always looking for up and coming bloggers for our site and social media campaigns.  Want to promote your writing and gain access to a new audience for your cause?  Then sign up below!

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***NOTE: Although we are a registered Non-Profit Organization in British Columbia Canada, we do not yet have our charitable tax status.  We do offer classes, workshops, private mentoring and other services from members who donate proceeds back to the foundation to help support the work we are doing.  You can purchase a service (like webhosting, or webdesign), take a class, support a member by donating or volunteering on their project, or donate to the foundation.