Privacy Policies

Volunteers for The Foundation have the option of appearing either publicly or anonymously when working on film and/or social media projects.

Information posted by a member while working with Rain for the Planet will be used:

  • To promote the organization’s beliefs and mandates, as well as catalysts and projects that the organization is working with.
  • To create and expand a network of individuals that sympathize with the organization’s goals and possess similar humanitarian beliefs.

Each member is at liberty to decide which information to disclose to the public (contact details, personal beliefs, photos, etc), and will never be asked to present information that I feel
uncomfortable disclosing.

Information each and any member posts on social media platforms will not be owned by The Foundation, and/or will not be sold to other affiliations.

Information posted on the Rain for the Planet blog can be monitored by the website administrator, in order to ensure that the posts are ethical and legal. If inappropriate information is tracked by the website administrator, the web administrator has the right to share the information with the office manager/board of directors and if necessarily, legal bodies, in order to protect the organization, its members and its mandates.

Despite the organization’s best efforts, there are risks inherent in sharing information.  Individual members can reduce these risks by using common sense security practices such as choosing a strong password, using different passwords for different services, and using up-to-date anti-virus software.

Members are expected to report to if they encounter security violations or any form of abuse.

The organization will notify Members of any changes made to the Privacy Policy through their email accounts.

Some privacy-related information about Google app accounts:

Only the owner and managers of the domain name can create a Google Apps administrative account, and that the domain administrator has control of all user names and passwords within the domain.

Other users of the domain may be granted administrative privileges if permitted by the domain administrator, and at the discretion of the domain administrator.

Access to data centers is limited to only authorized select Google employees personnel, and Google employees will only access account data an administrator from your domain
grants Google employees explicit permission to do so for troubleshooting purposes.