Member Responsibilities

A Note about Making Media

**Some volunteers think that because we create films and media projects, we are always behind the camera, and are disappointed when they are expected to contribute to paperwork and other aspects of running the non-profit.  We take our responsibility to make media accessible to everyone at our organization very seriously but for every moment of finished film, there are sometimes dozens of people and hundreds of man-hours that go into planning, organizing, writing, paperwork and etc.  We ask all volunteers to be aware of this and be prepared to help with all aspects of the organization, not just the fun parts.  This makes it more fun for everyone!

General Expectations/Responsibilities:

Uphold agreements made with the Foundation and other members of the network

  • Do what you say you are going to do.  If you have 5 minutes a week to spare, great!  Don’t promise us 15 hours if you can’t give the time.  We want you to have fun and be balanced – to help make a difference, not hurt yourself doing it.
  • We expect you to follow through with your commitments and make plans based on you doing what you say you’re going to do.  Repeat offenders can be put on probation, which means no fun projects until you clean up your act and potential suspension of your account.

Support causes using social media and other means as requested

  • Share what you’re doing with others
  • Posting regular updates and social media about Rain for the Planet and/or a Catalyst of your choice (min 1 hour a week or 5 minutes a day)
  • A minimum of 2-4 blog posts a month on the website. (this could include video posts, pictures or tweetblogs) We ask you to be learning about the issues you care about and to blog/write once a week about your favourite cause.  Educate our friends and fans by sharing your research on our site.

Dedicate time each month as agreed in the volunteer agreement to a cause/ministry

If the member acts as a catalyst they agree to be a public figure and agree to act as a positive role model

Uphold local and federal laws wherever possible

  • work with government officials and civil/public servants to accomplish their goals when possible

Be transparent in all dealings with the public

Be a role model for a global community of catalysts

  • focus on personal development and professional growth, as well as being integral
  • when you sign on with the foundation you agree to the foundations ethical code, and write your own code of ethics- members keep these codes and make them publicly available
  • practicing proactive and positive problem solving and develop non-violent or diplomatic communication skills as fits with your personal belief system and moral code

Due diligence: All active members are responsible to submit a record of their work and keep the office team in the loop.

1. Timesheets every 2 weeks

2. Dedicate time at the beginning to setting up your account properly and making it work.

  • The team works hard to research and implement the most effective social media and time managment/GTD strategies and we teach classes in how to be effective.  We offer instructions, classes and free support but if you feel pressed for time or it’s really scary, you can pay for one our members to take care of all of the tech for you and teach you how to use it.

3. Show up for weekly online checkins or post an update for the team

4. Make every effort to be at volunteer meetings when they are happening

5. Recommend potential catalysts who could use support and who are making a difference and vote on other proposals


About the Process for New Members: All interns and volunteers go through a testing period where we assess their commitment and try to find them the best position suited to their available time, interests and skills.

If you complete the initial phase of your internship, you will be assigned a role and/or project, and wherever possible teamed up with other catalysts who are already making a difference in a measurable way.  Even if you have Adonis blood and fists of fire you have to earn your tiger stripes before this can happen.

This process isn’t perfect yet.  Feedback will help us help you. Help us make it better.