Code of Conduct

For Members of Rain for the Planet Media Foundation and Rain for the Planet Networks


Community or member complaints regarding member or guest conduct will be immediately investigated. Members who break these behavioural guidelines will be asked to leave permanently.

We will make every effort to offer mediation where possible and we encourage non-violent communication where appropriate. You can sign up for a non-violent communication course through our website and online school for activists.

Moderators are encouraged to promote themselves and any classes, workshops, or services they offer and are within their rights to do so, provided that they do not infringe upon your personal rights.

Tact and Diplomacy is of utmost importance and confidentiality is of the highest order of business in all interactions. We will not interfere or take sides in personal disputes of our membership or the public at large, unless it directly affects the well-being of the group, other members, or the organization.

About Belief Systems

ALL people’s personal connections to the planet in whatever form they hold are not mistakes and will be honoured and treated with respect. During your time with us, we ask that you respect all those with us and beliefs of what the planet is in whatever form they hold by recognizing that we are all connected to the same core beliefs.

This is a place for you to be you and as such your individual ideals are honored and your creativity respected. This is a place to make emotional connections and friends and network with others of different philosophies.

Personal growth of the self through communication and expression of your thoughts and ideas are encouraged, as long as you do not harm others mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically or infringe on the right of others to be who they naturally are.

We do not adhere to one strict belief system or the idea of one true path, but we strive as human beings to embrace all standpoints with unconditional love and unconditional tolerance. We here at Rain for the Planet are all inclusive and discriminate against none.

Remember that others’ belief system has nothing to do with your own belief development. We do not discriminate against race, religion, creed, and ethnicity. As well, bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated. Share your current beliefs, but never force them upon others, because your will is not theirs. When in doubt, close the mouth and open the mind or refer to tenant number three.

People have free will to display images or express beliefs about what they want and have a right to be who they are by displaying their faith or ideas about how to fix problems with pride, strength, and serenity. Do not willfully or purposefully attack one’s belief by any forms or you will be shown the door and asked not to come back.
Personal Responsibility


Members and guests take full responsibility for their words and actions throughout using the forum and in communication with each other.

Rayne, and the Rain for the Planet Facebook group are not personally responsible nor do we necessarily agree with comments, beliefs or viewpoints expressed within the group.

We offer stability in times of trouble and we will be there to support you in your time of need, but we will help you only when you ask for our help first. It is your choice to ask for help as needed.

All meditations, exercises, and suggestions contained within are guidelines and at no point in time or space would any member attempt to tell you, the forum user, how to behave or think. You are responsible for all actions that originate from within. Above all, remember do onto others as you would have them do unto you.
Time-bank and volunteer agreement

We value your time and energy, and encourage members and volunteers to support our developing time bank as a way of allowing exchanges of energy between members. Volunteers can claim their hours in our time bank in exchange for classes and services that other members offer. You can read more about our developing Time-bank and Time-bank policies here.

Harassment and Tolerance Policies

We consider attacking one’s personal philosophies, ideals and thoughts to be a personal attack on someone’s beliefs and a direct assault on who they are.

The thoughts, opinions, feelings and emotions of ALL who use this group and network here will be respected and honored. Leave other groups alone to be who they are and treat others of different beliefs and opinions with the same respect and dignity you would expect to be shown.

You have the right to stand up for yourself, but never with the intent to criticize or attack another. All members and volunteers are expected to directly speak with the person they have an issue with rather than gossip or talk about them. If they are not comfortable speaking directly with the person they have an issue with, they can speak with a member of the healing team,

The following are unacceptable:
1. Members who cause deliberate slight or harm against an individual or group within the forums, meetings, or membership events
2. Members who indulge in character assassination of other members while using or associating with the Rain for the Planet Media Foundation in our forums (except satire, political commentary, and comedy)
3. Members who indulge in put-downs, curses, implanting others’ thoughts with fear-based consequences, or attempts to label others for holding a particular belief