Member Policies and Guidelines

Attention Members:

Due to new policies being put in place, members with email and online business accounts must now sign a membership agreement that clarifies all of our terms and agreements, and lays out the guidelines for membership.   This includes a volunteer agreement and intellectual property agreement.
We are instigating new processes in order to protect you, and establish the guidelines under which an account can be disabled and what services/benefits you, as a member receive.
New Updates:

Starting with the new membership agreements, members will receive notice when any policy changes happen or if the membership documents are updated.

The online membership agreement is similar to a google or Facebook sign up, and includes information about how you participate and what protection you have as a member for your information.
The new membership forms are online and easy to access.  Rayne will be holding a membership orientation in June to acquaint all members and new volunteers with policy changes and to finalize signing the new agreement.

Please contact  a member of the office team at, for information about the orientation, and contact General Manager Lisa Cohen – if you haven’t spoken yet to set up a time to complete your volunteer membership agreement.

Thanks for your prompt attention,