Member Benefits

At Rain for the Planet Media, we recognize that each person who works with us is a unique individual and we deeply appreciate their support and assistance.

As a result we do our best to offer incentives and benefits to our dynamic and brilliant team members to thank them for their hard work.

All members, as long as they keep their accounts active with us, and regardless of their level of participation qualify for the following benefits:


  • email account and business services, and assistance setting up the business account
  • business cards for the foundation
  • wordpress blog space/profile and help setting it up
  • profile with the Foundation‘s community, twitter set up and facebook fan page assistance
  • reduced rates for webhosting and graphic design/development
  • office space and wifi at the home office location
  • library access
  • membership card


  • training and services in media, design and websupport/hosting and employment opportunities through partner companies and “The Network” where possible
  • access to the online school and space in classes to learn social media skills


  • access to the timebank
  • opportunities to meet and work with catalysts and people making a difference where possible
  • opportunities to assist campaigns and programs in development and participate in activist and artistic events
  • ability to vote on and recommend new catalysts to the foundation


  • access to produce and create media, access to participate and gain experience in making media


  • other opportunities and support with qualifying projects, causes and events on a per-project basis

Membership Benefits are developing as the organization develops.  This page will be updated and members notified as it changes and grows.