It’s V-Day! How exciting. ;)


Hello there Rain for the Planet friends and supporters. This is a quick message to say Hello, and I love you! And a reminder to all of our Canadian fans to get out there May the 2nd and vote. Because Rain for the planet is a non-profit foundation that focuses on supporting individuals making a […]

Over 4300 hits and counting… Merry Christmas!


Hello Catalysts, This is Rayne from Rain for the Planet.  Great news- our original “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh 21st Century” has passed 4300 views on YouTube.  You can help spread the word by liking the video on YouTube. THE BIEBER VIDEO IS HERE THE BIEBER VIDEO IS HERE! The new video is here! Wishing you […]


Hello Earth Lovers Everywhere! This is Carolynne from Rain for the Planet writing to let everyone know that Local Anxiety’s Oh Christmas Tree video has reached 3,792 views on youtube! Since its release, word has spread from the chronicles of Facebook to the CBC’s Strombo webpage (find it here: making it quite the success. After […]

Campaign Update: Ask Santa for World Peace

Hello there Catalysts for Change and Fans of Rain for the Planet :) Happy Holy-daze! I’m writing to let you know that the first stage of our “Ask Santa for World Peace Campaign” has been a big success, and to let you know that the fun part of the campaign has now started and we need your help! We’d like to have some fun with you-With the success of our music video, we’re very excited about using the momentum of the music video to launch the next series of funny videos in our Ask Santa Awareness campaign. We released our first Emma and Santa videos starting today with “Ask Santa for World Peace”.

New Campaign- A Greener Christmas


Well Boys and Girls what would you like from Santa this year? With the help of Local Anxiety, we’re asking Santa, and You for a greener Christmas and world peace. Right now we’re shooting a Local Anxiety music video about having a greener christmas. It’s going to be funny- very funny And a great message. […]

Volunteer Positions


Volunteer positions are now advertised on our Volunteer Page at If you want to make a difference, create change, and help exceptional catalysts contribute to our community, we are eagerly waiting for you to sign up and join our team here at Rain for the Planet Media Foundation. Tweet



If You’re Coming To Our Event, or even considering it here’s what you need to know….


Thanks for considering being part of our show and social media experiment. Before you arrive, here are a few things you can do to participate (and even if you can’t make it, you can still participate). CONTACT INFO: Spokesperson and Founder: Rayne (Tav Rayne on Facebook or Podcast Coordinator Care Dennis ( Our Social […]



People Solving Problems We Face Today All around our world the need for peace, the desire for a successful coexistence of all religions, beliefs and ways of life, and the signal of climate change have made for a rapid and sustained growth in activism. Rain for the Planet Media Foundation is a nonprofit, strategic media […]