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My name is Colin and I am the film/video intern at RFTP media. I am still in the midst of deciding my blog cause, but here is a music video i really enjoy as my first blog post, to get to know a little about me. Part of a series called “take away shows” and […]

I’m passionate about…beauty


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to take a little break from that whole world of hockey (slash – the world of post-hockey trauma) and talk about something that I re-realised  last weekend. The reason I say re-reslised is because I know that I have known this before. But I guess I forgot. Or maybe, I […]

Quick Introduction

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone

  Hello everyone, My name’s Angela and I’m a new UBC intern for Rain for the Planet Media! I’m a fourth year English Literature and Film Studies Major. I get to work with Rain for the Planet’s very own catalyst, writer/filmmaker Mark Leiren-Young! I’m very fortunate to get a “behind the scenes” look at all […]

Sports: A Spiritual Experience? #canucks #believe #bringithome


Why it’s ok to be both a) spiritually minded and peace-loving and b) love sports (especially hockey) ***Well…. This will be a first for me in a while, but in going along with the new membership policies I’m also going to be posting a personal blog post twice a month about something I’m passionate about.**~Rayne […]

Hockey Nut in Canada

Hi all, I usually write about all things green so… if it helps… The Canucks used to have green in their original uniform. The green men… very green. And a few days ago I was walking through Stanley Park and ran into — and tried to assist — the group that was putting a Ryan Kesler […]

Team Spirit – Some Favourite Moments #canucks #believe #bringithome


Here are some of my favourite examples of team spirit activities and fun hockey moments from the past few fun and entertaining weeks of surfing the Zeitgeist in Vancouver:       MARK LEIREN-YOUNG and LOCAL ANXIETY: Our Favourite Satrical Duo have been busy this Hockey Season.  Between Mark Leiren-Young’s wonderful articles for the Tyee about all […]

June is Bike month: The bike and I

It was a sunny day, the wind blew gently, and inside the garage next to the refrigerator box the bike was beckoning. On that very day I decided it was time to ride a bike for the first time in years. My sister and I went to a nearby park to get reacquainted with our […]

I will right wrong and triumph over evil!

I like smiling.

Introducing, Sailor Moon! Hey everyone! I’m Paulina Slobodan, one of the new interns at Rain For the Planet from UBC this summer. I’m excited to see what I learn from the team and also discover what I can do to help this great organization grow! But first, an introduction. Who is this Paulina?   That’s […]

The Spirit of the City (and my first couple of weeks at RFTP!)

The first couple of weeks at RFTP have gone by with a blast! The office is pretty awesome, even with the hard to reach windows ahaha. They do, however, provide sounds of the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. It’s really interesting actually, if you listen carefully, even if it’s mostly traffic noises. Being a […]

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Everyone: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday


As we move into 2011, I’d like to encourage you to continue to grow and learn, to let go of your assumptions about yourself and others, to embrace diversity and learning about new cultures and ways of experiencing the world, to be liberated from judgements that hold you back from loving others, and to experience the calling of your heart and soul -