Tree Climber Saying Hi

My name is Sarah and I’m a web design student at Capilano University. I recently joined RFTP to do something about my restless leg syndrome (I can’t sit still!) What can I say about myself? I’m always on the move and I’m driven by that momentum. On my off time (yeah, right!) I like going […]

Winter is coming

Hello everybody, Just wanted to let everyone know to enjoy the sunshine while we still can. Winter is coming!

I’m passionate about…being excited!


It’s a new day, everyone! Even when life is hard, it’s nice to remember that difficult times don’t last forever. Today I’m happy, because I realise that we all have so many opportunities, always. When I was little, I remember my older sister had trouble sleeping at night. She would get all worked up about […]

It’s E-Man3000!!!

Hello, My name is Erik aka E-Man3000. The 3000 makes it sound COOL. lol I’m a new intern for the Video Department. My specialty is video editing. I’ve graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver majoring in the Film Program. I enjoy playing sports like football, dodgeball and basketball. Here’s my Demo Reel Enjoy

Hi everybody!


Hello! I’m Lara, the new intern in the Film department of RFTP and today I want to write a little about me.   I’m from Spain and this is my second month in Vancouver. A lot of people ask me why I decided to come here, and my answer always is because I’d been in […]

Rain for the Planet is on LinkedIn

Rain For the Planet now has a LinkedIn page.  LinkedIn is a business-focused  social networking site.  The website is particularly popular among job-seekers who want find job  opportunities and make professional connections.  Create a LinkedIn account and add Rain for the Planet. You’ll increase the visibility of our organization and showcase your professional experience.

Podcast Theme Song Contest

Thanks to the wonderful Julie (the_rock), we now have a contest for the podcast theme song! Feel free to spread the words! ———————————————- Have your music featured as a podcast theme song – and have your band featured on the podcast! This is an opportunity to showcase your talent and share your music with the […]

It’s worth it.


Some things in life are hard. Some things take brain power, physical force, emotional stress, or all of the above. Some things hurt our heart, others just give us headaches. Honestly, it’s hard sometimes to realize why we put effort in. But this isn’t meant to be a depressing, pessimistic rant. I’m here to share […]

Hey guys

Hi everyone, I’m Rich (well not really but I’d like to LOL) anyways, my name is Rich (Luke Skywalker) a video editor, sound designer and music composer and Im a  new member of RFTP. I just wanted to say hello to you. I hope I can update you soon with some work so you can […]

This is the first post!

This the body of the post Not a promising start, but a start. Check this out! I am currently attempting to get a working reprap working (3d printer), and I find this intredasting. Next post, a video!