I’m passionate about…being excited!


It’s a new day, everyone! Even when life is hard, it’s nice to remember that difficult times don’t last forever. Today I’m happy, because I realise that we all have so many opportunities, always. When I was little, I remember my older sister had trouble sleeping at night. She would get all worked up about […]

It’s worth it.


Some things in life are hard. Some things take brain power, physical force, emotional stress, or all of the above. Some things hurt our heart, others just give us headaches. Honestly, it’s hard sometimes to realize why we put effort in. But this isn’t meant to be a depressing, pessimistic rant. I’m here to share […]

I’m passionate about…beauty


Hello everyone! Today I wanted to take a little break from that whole world of hockey (slash – the world of post-hockey trauma) and talk about something that I re-realised ┬álast weekend. The reason I say re-reslised is because I know that I have known this before. But I guess I forgot. Or maybe, I […]

I will right wrong and triumph over evil!

I like smiling.

Introducing, Sailor Moon! Hey everyone! I’m Paulina Slobodan, one of the new interns at Rain For the Planet from UBC this summer. I’m excited to see what I learn from the team and also discover what I can do to help this great organization grow! But first, an introduction. Who is this Paulina?   That’s […]