Together We Create the World: Who We Are

We are a community of people gathering to solve problems we face today. Like world hunger. And Climate Change.The organization grew up around the belief that we currently have the technology, resources, creativity and ability to solve the problems facing us in this current generation – with the goal of creating a world of peace for the next 15 generations.

Our collective focus is to solve problems the world is currently facing.

We have identified the following as the most pressing areas to focus on to resolve concerns for  the future of Planet Earth

Not one of the problems we face today is disconnected from the others- and we agree that there are multiple ways of approaching the beast and that there are many equally important causes


For us to achieve our goal, collaboration, common ground, mutual positive regard and giving up the idea that there is one “right” way are part of the solution. There are many many small ways each of us can make a difference each day, no matter how big or scary it seems we are fully capable of creating the changes we wish for.

Our common ground- the thing which connects all members of Rain for the Planet, is our commitment to peacefully working together- and to a code of non-violent behaviour. Members agree to disagree about their beliefs and to engage in dialogue with people of sometimes radically different faith/belief/cause based groups.

The core values of the organization state that we are all capable of making a difference, that each person is a unique being and part of the planet and has the right to the following.