What do We Do?

What would you like to do to make a difference in your community?  How can we support you or help you become more self-sustaining?  Our core focus is to develop and support each other in our individual and group activities.

There are lots of ways to participate.  If you have a cause, or would like to take action towards a cause you feel passionate about, let us direct you to groups and individuals who need support.

Every member in our organization is working to create solutions and approaching some aspect of our mandate.  Some members are spokespersons, leaders of organizations or creating change within their communities and/corporate ecosystems- we call these visible change agents Catalysts.

The foundation helps Catalysts develop their potential to accomplish specific objectives and promotes their creative work.  We also develop programs and media to develop more catalysts.

As a media foundation our first focus is awareness and education, as well as helping to encourage individual citizens to be empowered- to act to make changes in their personal lives and to assist those around them.     We aren’t just recording the news, but provoking citizens to be newsworthy in positive and life-affirming ways.

We make short films with award winning directors and writers, engage in dialogue with well known activists, cover local vancouver events, teach courses and develop new media solutions for our members and clients.

RFTP Media also runs campaigns to improve quality of life around the world, makes media, and develops social media trainings and marketing tools for people to make a difference today.

All of our members have access to office space and free wi-fi in our home city, Vancouver BC, as well as interns and volunteers to help them with their work.

We support the work of exceptional people around the world through social media, branding, coordinated awareness campaigns, online networking, as well as joint ventures and alliances with other organizations.

We are currently developing services to support our catalyst members and the general public who want to learn new skills to help them be more effective in their world changing work.

We will be offering a range of services including:

Carbon Neutral Web Hosting
Social Media Courses and Mentoring
Website and Brand Development
Leadership Training
Media Training and Presentation Skills
and more….

We are currently in development and welcome you to volunteer to gain access to courses and training.

If you are interested in finding out about services as they are released, sign up for our newsletter, or contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!