About Membership:

We are building an online community of integral and personally aware world changing individuals.  Our membership is selective and requires all volunteers and Catalysts to commit to personal development, to a code of ethics and behaviour, and all of our members are protected by an intellectual property protection agreement to keep their ideas where they belong- under their own control.

All of our members agree to be personally responsible and accountable for their actions, regardless of any corporate or non-profit interests they may represent.  They have control over every aspect of their journey with us.

The foundation helps Catalysts develop their potential to accomplish specific objectives and promotes their creative work.

The focus of the society’s membership can be broken down into the following areas:

(I) To Support and create practices that underlie each persona’s freedom of expression and freewill to choose a specific path in life

(II) To work towards a peaceful planet through supportive networks and communities and the peaceful co-existence of all religions and belief systems

(III) To connect catalysts with the RFTP community and with communities around the world the need them

(IV) To aid the development of technology and practices that support a more eco friendly and sustainable way of life

(V) To support and develop healthy physical/emotional/social/psychological/spiritual eco-systems and cultural landscapes worldwide

(VI) To aid local and sustainable community businesses and economic development