Letter from the Director

Message from the Founder- Tav Rayne: Originally Written in Jan of 2008 for the Rain For the Planet Facebook Group.

Everyone is asking me what rainfortheplanet.org is about. I believe that we can have peace all of us if we work together to make it happen in this generation. Right now you and I are part of a critical mass of people capable of changing the world.

We are surrounded by tremendous opportunities for change and growth every day. Changing our world can be as simple as empowering ourselves and supporting each other.

Rain for the Planet is for my kids whether they be from my body or of the earth for the next 15 generations to come. I see a world where I am watching my children play outdoors free of contamination and pollution, in sunshine they are not afraid of.

I’m dedicated to a world where we can drink pure water, eat food free of toxins and addictive substances and learn at schools free of corporate or political or religious agenda. These things are not luxuries that exist only for a very few or a very rich, but for everyone here on the planet.

I see a world where words like war and hate or terror are concepts not realities, and where our kids are free to grow to reach their highest potential surrounded by a loving community and peers also striving for personal excellence.

And if this sounds like “peace-loving-hippie” talk, I want to clarify that this is an organization that exists to be abundant, is systematized and uses processes to create and act upon the issues that we have in our world, as well as a “master plan” and methodology for action, leveraging the talents and amazing people already making a difference around the globe right now.

Members of the organization are actively making a difference, not just talking about or meditating on change (not that I oppose meditation… but I am more into moving actions at this point in time).

I see a world where for the next 15 generations at least this peace will prevail. And I know it can exist in this lifetime, as we work together and support the many incredible stars who shine and who work tirelessly to help this vision of a peaceful world.

My faith is based on the knowledge that we have the ability to creatively solve our problems together.

I welcome everyone here, and hope that each and every member of the group can remember that it is together that we create the world.

Namaste, with hope for Peace