Guiding Principles

We, who are determined and passionate about creating change, support and recognize catalysts in their communities working towards these values according to their beliefs and ecosystems.

As well as acknowledging the International Bill of Human Rights, Members of Rain for the Planet Acknowledge the following as Basic Human Rights:

(I) Individual freedom of expression and freewill to choose a path in life

(II) a supportive network, family or village in which to raise children, grow up or grow old

(III) access to affordable and agenda-free education and health care

(IV) healthy physical/emotional/social/psychological/spiritual environment

(V) prosperity to support basic living needs, desires and dreams without prejudice


The Global Code Of Ethics: That Which We All Stand for and Agree To

ENGAGE in personal development and growth

ASK FOR HELP and defer to those with more experience if I am over my head

BE TOLERANT of other diverse beliefs when different from my own, Treat others with DIGNITY AND RESPECT

FOLLOW THROUGH on my personal agreements and do what I say I am going to

CO-OPERATE with government officials, corporations and civil servants to accomplish my goals (where this is possible)

CREATE SOLUTIONS don’t focus on problems, attempt to find the peaceful solution FIRST

BE HONEST with each other

INTEGRAL CHOICES I only support causes, projects and people I believe in

**Note: All members also write their own personal code of ethics and are asked to abide by it, as well as the general code of ethics.

Guiding Principles, Philosophy and General Outlook of RFTPmedia:

Forgiveness and Acceptance

We acknowledge that we are humans and we all make mistakes. We acknowledge that mistakes have been made by humans, and that even now we are making mistakes which affect our planet, the billions of lifeforms here, and the living earth itself, who we call Gaia and recognize as a life-form. We forgive ourselves for the parts we have played in these mistakes, and are here to dedicate ourselves to healing, to positive construction and growth around the world and making amends, expanding our awareness and creative pursuits.

We are All a Work in Progress

We choose to turn a mirror inward, and to focus on what we can create, what we can do, and who we can influence, rather than wallowing in guilt, self-destructive tendencies, or addictions to mask the pain of living in a world that feels broken. We ask for help when we need to overcome our limitations, from safe, trusted sources in the community.

Seeing Our Potential

We acknowledge that we have power, life-force, ability, creativity, intelligence, persistence, and empathy to look fully at the problems we face and to develop and learn new ways of being in the world and with each other that can create a future that is not only adequate, but abundant, playful, joyful, and inspirational for the next 15 generations at least.

Focus on What Unites Us: We Are All Searching for Answers

We recognize that all humans on earth live are searching for closure, transcendence, and changes in our lives, so we focus on what unites us. We support people who are solving problems we face today and look for what we can be grateful for and what we have control of and can change, uplifting each other as a means to save the planet, rather than focusing on errors that have been made. This being said, we will stand up to and resist organizations and individuals who continue their war on planet earth and each other, when we are not able to work with them.

What Happens in the Group Is Determined By The Group

Members and guests control and shape the course of what happens in this group. We encourage our members to share what they have to offer with others under our umbrella by teaching or sharing their thoughts and opinions with each other. All members sign an intellectual property and non-disclosure agreement to protect their rights and the rights of others in the group to have their privacy, work, and ideas respected.