People Solving Problems We Face Today

All around our world the need for peace, the desire for a successful coexistence of all religions, beliefs and ways of life, and the signal of climate change have made for a rapid and sustained growth in activism.

Rain for the Planet Media Foundation is a nonprofit, strategic media organization developing a network of exceptional catalysts.

We are a collaborative community, a creative foundation, a movement, and a “mom” for activists working to maintain a healthy relationship between Earth and its inhabitants.

We support the work of exceptional people around the world through social media, branding, coordinated awareness campaigns, online networking, as well as joint ventures and alliances with other organizations.

We offer reasonable and carbon-neutral website hosting and blog/site set-up packages for our members, as well as access to produce and to promote media of their own, training in social media, and techniques for making their dreams come true.

Members gain access to office space and free wi-fi in our home city, Vancouver BC, as well as the opportunity to gain interns and volunteers to help them with their work.

We are building an online community of integral and personally aware world-changing individuals. Our membership is selective and requires all volunteers and Catalysts to commit to personal development, to a code of ethics and behaviour, and all of our members are protected by an intellectual property protection agreement to keep their ideas where they belong under their own control.

All of our members agree to be personally responsible and accountable for their actions, regardless of any corporate or non-profit interests they may represent. They have control over every aspect of their journey with us.

The foundation helps Catalysts develop their potential to accomplish specific objectives and promotes their creative work.

RFTP Media also runs campaigns to improve quality of life around the world, makes media, and develops social media trainings and marketing tools for people to make a difference today.

About rainfortheplanet.org online networks and services:

We are an ethical and integral online platform and resource dedicated to harmony, healing, networking, and allowing a diverse group of individuals to share information and beliefs with each other. We are an artistic, activist, creative, and metaphysical community. Open minded dialogue is important to effect real and lasting change. Balance, harmony, artistry, healing, and creativity are what we offer to all, not just a chosen few.

What’s so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
What do we think we might see
Someday we’ll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me
-Kermit the Frog


We have not yet set up a donations page, however that information will soon be available for those who wish to directly support the foundation.