Hi everybody!

Hello! I’m Lara, the new intern in the Film department of RFTP and today I want to write a little about me.


I’m from Spain and this is my second month in Vancouver. A lot of people ask me why I decided to come here, and my answer always is because I’d been in Vancouver in 2007 and I really fall in love of this city, I like the sea, the mountains and the people and I think that it’s a very nice city for live.


An other reason is because I’ve studied Film, Television and Media Studies at College and this city have a lot of work in this sector and it’s my dream could be part of this, so at this moment I’m happy and also positive (is because of that my superhero name “Positivegirl”).


Other things that I like it? I like read, dance, art, music, sports, fashion, animals… and I really love movies and tv series.


Take care!!!

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