It’s worth it.

Some things in life are hard.

Some things take brain power, physical force, emotional stress, or all of the above.

Some things hurt our heart, others just give us headaches.

Honestly, it’s hard sometimes to realize why we put effort in. But this isn’t meant to be a depressing, pessimistic rant. I’m here to share a lesson I learned this past week – well really, this whole summer. The reason that we all work so hard is because we know, it’s worth it.

This applies in many areas of life.

a) School. Working hard in school pays off. It just does. This is something I know – you could even say that within my “belief system” (or whatever you wish to label it as) is this fact: education is important. And working hard to learn new things is something I am committed to. Learning is never a waste of time!

b) Work. This isn’t just what we’re paid for – but any type of organized effort that we give energy to. Not only to I believe in the principle of Integrity – giving an honest amount of work for what you’re committed to – but I was raised by my father’s favourite line, “Work is a blessing”. Have you ever thought about that, how great it is to be able to work?

c) Relationships. And I mean all forms of relationships. I’m sure we all remember that one friend we had growing up, where there came a point that you realized “what am I getting out of this exchange?”. Maybe you talked it over, maybe you let it slide, maybe you were that lame friend (I know I have been). When it comes down to it, fostering a good relationship takes a lot of work. I’m speaking from a fairly limited personal perspective here, but growing up the youngest of 5 children, I’ve been able to observe from the sidelines of my brothers & sister’s lives. In case you’re wondering – yes I took notes. What to do…and definitely some what to NOT do’s. In conclusion….investing yourself in someone else, in any form, takes not only some amount of risk taking and trusting, it also takes work.

Today I just wanted to share a bit about what I’ve learned so far this summer as I’ve observed those around me work hard at what is important to them. It’s made me realize that I need to first, find out what is important to me, and second, commit myself to those things.

Here we go – this is what I’m trying to say.

Because things that matter least – they aren’t worth it.

Thanks, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.



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