June is Bike month: The bike and I

It was a sunny day, the wind blew gently, and inside the garage next to the refrigerator box the bike was beckoning. On that very day I decided it was time to ride a bike for the first time in years. My sister and I went to a nearby park to get reacquainted with our 2 wheeled friend. Upon arriving we saw a young boy no older than 8 years of age paddling on his bicycle with ease. I thought to myself, if he could do it I could do it too, it should be a piece of cake! But once I started paddling I found myself straddling the line between life and death. I’ve forgotten how to bike, more over I have forgot how to brake. Needless to say, there were times when I came close crashing into the boy. The original bicycle (dandy horse/ draisine) was referred as the nutcracker, even with the modern-day design I can understand the reasoning as I crash very often into the walls and surrounding ledges where I found myself launching off and over the front of the bike multiple times. Although I am one step closer to reducing carbon foot print I have to admit, on the bike I am menace to society and should, for the time, be kept off the open road for good measure and practice in isolation.

So what of my internship with RFTP? I have been working on graphic design and web media development, both of which I intend to master by the end of the summer. Design is very much like a bike. First you shake hands/ handles, then you wobble, and wobble some more until you become rock solid.

While we’re still on the topic here’s a video on Vancouver’s bike lanes:

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